Since 2011 we have lovingly crafted 37 apps for kids and delighted over 80 million users worldwide. 


Our Mission

We believe that children should not have to play with low-quality apps riddled with advertising. Our games feature beautiful, colorful images, great sound effects and intuitive interfaces - and many of them are completely free from third-party advertising! 

I’m a nurse; I take care of a lot of special needs children. All of them enjoy this, no matter what the disability. And the music doesn’t get on my nerves, as some children’s app’s music can. For the more severely disabled, I manipulate their hand or fingers on the screen so they can pop the balloons. I’m so glad I found this.
— Sarah Besterman, review of Balloon Pop

What We've Achieved

  • Over 80 million downloads total, with nine games having over one million each.

  • 37 great apps based on twelve different game types.

  • Tens of thousands of positive reviews.

  • Portfolio available on Google Play, Apple, and Amazon

  • Partner with two tablet manufacturers for pre-installing games for use in hospitals, restaurants, and libraries.

  • Partner with leading Swedish pre-school educator Elisabet Steglin.